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How To Get involved

We believe that God designed us to live in community and we try to make the most offering people in similar walks of life the opportunity to gather and do life together. Life is so much more fun when you get to do it with other people so find out more about how you can be part of our community.



What would your life look like if fear didn’t exist? Fear often governs our lives, especially for the young people of our city. At Fearless, our focus in seeing young people overcome and conquer their fears, empowering them to overcome yesterday’s painful history and focus on tomorrow’s triumphant victory. We believe in a generation of leaders that will significantly change their world for the better; as they live fearless lives not directed by media or culture, but by the limitless purpose of our God. For those aged 11-17, Fearless gathers on a Friday at the Space for a weekly event and sits together on a Sunday too.


If you are a young adult age 18-27ish, then our ONE community is for you: a dynamic, inspiring, welcoming environment in which to find purpose, friendship and fun. It’s great to be a part of if you are one of the many thousands of students in Norwich – we believe that you are here to Make Your Mark – and run a campaign on campus designed to help you do just that. ONE isn’t just for students though – it is open to anyone and everyone aged 18-27ish, whether you’re a student, employee, business owner or someone looking for work; whether single, dating, engaged or married.


We believe that families provide the building blocks of our society. For those building a family, their time raising children and navigating life around this is filled with unique challenges, opportunities and adventure. Our Families community provides an opportunity to go on this journey with others – with a whole range of ways in which they gather to enjoy life together – all of which are kid-friendly, supportive and fun.


We believe that our late twenties and thirties are such a key time of life – when friendships form and solidify; when we move onwards and upwards in our chosen career; when we really lay the foundations for the life we are to live. We think going on that journey as part of a great community is key – and Prime provides that – with everything from casual evenings at the pub to more formal, organised events; all designed to help build great relationships as we enjoy these prime years of life.


For those over 40, Inspire provides the ideal opportunity to build strong relationships and have great fun. Our Inspire community is known for running some of the most impressive events, but at the heart of it is a dedicated, consistent core of those committed to welcoming others and doing life well. With everything from wine tasting nights to West End trips, our Inspire community is often the envy of those with a little less life experience.

Our Dinner Parties are key to our community, essential in keeping a growing church connect well. They provide an environment in which to gather around a meal; a vital forum in which to develop relationships; somewhere to find friendship, encouragement and support.

Dinner Parties are a place to eat together, to get to know one another, and to join together in prayer. They have been foundational in many great friendships (and even a few marriages!) and we expect much more of the same in the years to come.

Our volunteers are the lifeblood of our church – all that we do relies on their passion, dedication and commitment. Volunteers are essential to the smooth, effective running of our Sunday services and to all we do midweek to make a mark on our city. Volunteering is great fun too. Teams are also a great place to make great friends and develop personally; and there is a real satisfaction to knowing you have played you part in making a positive difference in someone’s life.

There really is something for everyone to do – and you’re more than welcome to try out a few different areas to find out what fits best. Every team has a welcome and induction process to help you learn about how they work and to meet the other volunteers. We believe that anyone and everyone can find their part to play in building church.


One of the first things we learn about God is that He is creative – and we believe that same creative streak runs through each of us. Our creative teams provide an opportunity to demonstrate and develop that creativity. This includes areas such as our Musicians & Singers, who lead us so powerfully in worship on a Sunday; our Media crew, who design graphics and create video; photographers and videographers who so beautifully capture all we do; and those who use social media to reach out into our world. There is a place too within our Production team to use and develop the technical skills which are so essential to our Sunday services – such as sound engineers, lighting technicians, camera operators and more.


We believe in making our house a home – and our Welcome Team plays a key role in this. They are the smiling, enthusiastic individuals that help people park, that greet people on the doors, that serve great refreshments, that connect with new people and that help in a whole range of ways behind the scenes too. This is a great place to begin serving, and is not only for those who are naturally extroverted or energetic. We have heard many great stories of those who have overcome social anxiety and shyness as they serve with this passionate, dynamic bunch as they communicate to people from all walks of life that they are welcome in our community – that you belong here.


Love Norwich is the practical expression of the love we have for our fine city. We believe that Norwich should be a better place because of the church – and that’s the heart behind all we do through Love Norwich. We want to help meet the needs of the people of our city – to show how we love and value them in a tangible way. From running self-esteem courses in local high schools and hostels; to visiting local residents, including the elderly; to DIY projects and gardening; to running services in local prisons; to our annual Christmas Hampers appeal – in everything we do, we believe that our involvement can show God’s love to our community.


We are passionate and committed to raising up the next generation. Our desire is to develop confident, secure young people who will shape their world for good. Our Kids & Youth team are at the front-line of this vital work – whether that’s running Kids Church on a Sunday or making Fearless happen on a Friday night. All our volunteers in Kids & Youth are DBS checked, but there is scope to explore your involvement in this area before embarking on this process. These teams provide such an opportunity for those who want to invest in the young lives who call our church home; and we hear they have a lot of fun in the process too!

The Bible teaches us to believe and be baptised ( Mark 16:16) The way we hold baptisms is through the complete submersion in water.

We do this as an outward declaration of the decision that we have made to follow Jesus and to symbolise the end of an old way of living, and a new start. If you’ve made the decision to follow Jesus but you’ve not yet been baptised, we would love to be a part of your journey and see you baptised at Proclaimers. All you need to do is follow the link below and let us know that you would like to be baptised and a member of our team will get in touch.

Hillsong Conference 2020

22ND – 24TH JULY 2020

Hillsong Conference is all about championing the cause of the church of Jesus Christ – across every nation, denomination, age and background. It is for people who are passionate about the local church and the call of the kingdom of God. This conference gathers the greater church, inspires fresh vision and hope for the future, and equips every individual to walk out the call of God on their life. It inspires leaders and believers alike to make a difference in their sphere of influence for the kingdom’s cause. It equips the church with God-breathed sessions, practical tools and relational connection.

Register today with Proclaimers group seating.


Bible Boost

Bibleboost je skvelá príležitosť ako viac a lepšie pochopiť čo to vlastne Biblia je, o čom hovorí, a pozrieť sa bližšie na to, ako ju aplikovať do života v 21. storočí. Taktiež ak sa chceš spýtať akúkoľvek štipľavú otázku ohľadom kresťanstva, Biblie alebo Boha, tak Bibleboost je to pravé pre teba.


27th October – 3rd November

HEART FOR OUR HOUSE is our once a year miracle offering.

We believe that as a Church, we should always be looking to go to the next level so that we can reach more people for Jesus. Our ‘Heart For The House’ offering is about changing lives through building the local Church.

Give Now

A weekend with Mal Fletcher

Mal Fletcher is a keynote speaker, futurist & social commentator (BBC, Sky, ABC, R4 etc), broadcaster and author based in London. He is also the Chairman of 2020Plus, a London-based innovation and leadership hub. As a keynote conference & event speaker with more than 35 years experience, Mal is in demand in many parts of the world. He equips & inspires leaders & organisations to engage proactively with future change. His unique style blends experience heading up successful leadership networks in Australia and Europe with extensive, up-to-the-minute research & an entertaining edge.

Don’t miss the chance to hear from Mal across the weekend! We have a couple of events we would love you to put in your calendar:

7:30pm Friday 25th October


Join us as Mal Fletcher gives us insight into the future of Norwich, the UK and the world that you will be leading over the next decade. Find out which  skills you’ll need to play an influential role. Expect a keynote presentation for Mal Fletcher, a panel interview with successful local leaders and university graduates and a Q&A session with Mal and the Panel.

Sunday Service
10:30am Sunday 27th October

Mal Fletcher will be preaching at our 10:30am service on Sunday 27th October as we launch our Heart for our house weekend. You don’t want to miss this.

Sisterhood: All That Jazz

7:00pm Friday 8th November

Calling all the ladies! This is for you. Join us for a jazz inspired evening of musical items and other entertainment. We’ll be providing wine and cheese boards on the night so please let us know if you would like to come.



Joy: A Christmas Concert

14th & 15th December

This Christmas, experience a celebration of joy like no other as we explore what the impact of Christmas around the world!


5:00pm Saturday 14th December

10:30am Sunday 15th December

5:00pm Sunday 15th December