A fresh look at the spirit world and how we can protect ourselves from the Devil’s schemes


In Ephesians 6 there is a fascinating description of hostile demonic forces that are seeking our destruction. These demonic forces have schemes, stratagems and all manner of malevolent manoeuvres aimed against us and have had millennium to perfect their evil ploys and plans.

These spiritual forces of darkness are experts in human language and psychology. They watch humanity to know our weakness, to pinpoint our frailty and vulnerability. These spirits are experts at human nature, human response and human motivations. Though unseen these spirits can see us and observe us. They scrutinize our micro expressions, they observe our internal reactions as they play across our face. They study our body language and take note of the inflections of our voice. Interestingly enough they are like psychologists and psychiatrists only they don’t want us to get better. They do not have our best interests at heart. They want to destroy us.

God has given us protective gear to help us successfully stand against these attacks. Paul uses a metaphor of a Roman soldier’s armour to describe how we can equip ourselves and fortify our position as the enemy comes into attack us. This book is an attempt at describing how God has set us up for life and gives us victory at every step.

This protective gear equips us for a life of standing strong and being victorious.

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Tom Rawls is pastor of Proclaimers – a dynamic contemporary church with campuses in Norwich, Ipswich and Bratislava. He has served God around the world for more than 40 years, including church planting in Australia and missionary work in South East Asia. He has a proven track record of engaging effectively across a range of cultural contexts. He is a sought after communicator, inspiring leadership strategist and passionate developer of next generation leaders across Europe.

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