Take Me To Church


Take Me To Church. That’s the title of one of the biggest songs of 2014 – a Grammy-award nominated song; that reached Number 2 in the charts in both the UK and USA; and was played on Spotify more times in 2014 than any other song.

It is a song that, on first listen, doesn’t seem to be about church at all – as the singer-songwriter, Hozier, details a relationship with his lover that sounds in equal parts wonderful and challenging.

Yet Hozier himself has spoken of how the song is metaphor for his own struggles with church and frustrations at perceived unfairness in organised religion.

And I’ve met many people who would share Hozier’s view of church – who struggle with apparent inconsistencies or injustice. I know others who have been offended by church – either personally or because of their perception of what those within the church believe. And I know many more people who also feel church is irrelevant- not that they reject it, as such, but that they feel it has nothing to offer or say to them.

All of which begs the question, how would you feel if someone offered to take you to church?

What would you expect?

Would you expect somewhere quiet and cold? Would you imagine something boring, irrelevant and out-of-touch? Would you just think of somewhere you wouldn’t be welcome?

What if you were invited to a church that was none of those things?

What if you were invited to a church that was dynamic, energetic and exciting? What if you were invited to a church that was warm, welcoming, and friendly? What if you were invited to a church where the music was catchy, contemporary and enjoyable? What if you were invited to a church where the words spoken on stage were easy to understand and could actually be applied to your life? What if you were invited to a church where anyone, from any background, circumstance or situation, could find friendship, community and a place to belong?

What if this was your invitation?

We can’t promise you a perfect church experience.
We can’t say we’ll answer all of your questions in the first weekend.
And we can’t take away what has happened in the past.
But we can offer you a warm welcome, great community and a dynamic, engaging service.

So this Easter, why not give church another chance?

Proclaimers. Church, without the boring bits.


Author: Phil Temple, Associate Pastor.

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