Stephie’s Story


Name: Stephie
Team: Production Team Leader

I started serving on the second Sunday I attended church. I hadn’t even made a decision yet but I just wanted to be part of what was going on. I think it’s the energy, the passion and the enthusiasm of everyone on team that made me want to be a part of it. I joined the set up and pack down team and the hosting team. I just loved being a part of something bigger than me. It taught me so much about discipleship and also putting other people first. 5 years ago I went through a bit of a hard time with church and my relationship with God and serving is what really helped me get through it. I started serving on the production team and it helped me to focus on why we do what we do as a church and as servants of Jesus.  I love the fact that we make every part of the service happen. The intention we place on each part of the service helped me to re focus on what matters the most: seeing the lost coming back home.

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