Our Values

This awesome church we see is shaped by values that guide us and inspire us. The church we see is created as we represent clearly our purposes and ideals. We affirm that values create culture and we are clear about what we value.

This list of distinguishing values will help our church to gain a clear focus on common objectives, better communication and teamwork. Clearly articulated values help a church to gain a sense of purpose and importance and an understanding of how their roles impact the overall goals of our church.

We pray and believe that these values will be written in minds and hearts of all who call Proclaimers their home church and that these values will influence daily decisions and foster both commitment and involvement.

We Value…

  • The Atmosphere of God
  • The Word of God
  • The House
  • A Large and Growing Church
  • Relevance
  • Vision
  • Relationships
  • Leadership

The Atmosphere of God

We value the atmosphere and presence of God in our lives and in every service. We believe that it is important to encourage God’s presence through Faith-filled prayer, Heart-felt music and worship and a commitment to make Jesus Christ famous through our lives and subsequently through the ministry of our church.

We desire the moving of the Holy Spirit and encourage the gifts of the Holy Spirit. We value the miracles and supernatural acts of God.

We are totally convinced of and rely upon the work of the Holy Spirit to persuade people to accept Christ. We believe in the power of the Holy Spirit to effect conversion and instigate a new life in Christ and bring salvation to anyone who confesses that Jesus is Lord.

The Word of God

We believe God has called us to be an intelligent church with a no compromise approach to preaching and teaching the Bible.

We value the power and authority of the word of God as the seed that brings new life.

We believe that God’s word produces people of integrity with developed character that will attract others to Jesus and His mission.

The House

Jesus said that He would build His church and the designs and machinations of the enemy would not prevail (Matthew 16:18).

We love the local church and are very passionate about working with Jesus in building His church and our house.

We value the concept of the “house” as the body of Christ – the lives of people committed to the cause – the people of God, living stones – bricks and mortar are important as a place of worship but people are our main concern.

As a church we are committed to give priority to people before money, structures, systems and other institutional machinery.

We love our local church and we will seek to be planted in it – we believe it is important to be involved in the life of our church and serve in the house. Making this church “my” church is very important.

We value the commitment people make to their church – church membership is a heart issue – the promises of God belong to those who are planted in the house and they will grow and flourish.

A Large and Growing Church

We place value on the significance and influence of a large and growing church. We are convinced in our heart that God has called us to be both a large and growing church. In the depths of our hearts we are a people of destiny!

We value structures designed to help the church grow; we value the people God calls to nurture, develop and build structures that enhance growth; we value the creative energy expressed to nurture these structures

We value the absolute necessity of change for growth – we willing place ourselves in the way of change and challenge – we are willing to initiate change for the sake of growth no matter what the cost.

We value the need build capacity in both a personal and corporate setting – enlarging our capacity for more of God is a lifelong objective and we seek by design to be expansive people. We believe God has called us to be big people who live life well.

Our city and …beyond!

We are convinced that through extending our reach we influence others for success – by teaching in Bible schools, minister’s conferences, writing books, and through mass media.

We are a church committed to mission in other parts of the world; we are a church with an extended reach through the impact ministries of others who are in relationship with us.

We value our friends and connection to others outside our local church that are apostolic, prophetic and impact the work of God – we will actively seek after, and honour their input into our church and our support of them.


We are passionate about being relevant; we believe it is our mandate as a 21st Century church. It is vital that we be contemporary and authentic communicators of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We believe it is vital that we are accessible to people – that we are “touchable”, easy to use and genuine in our faith.

Understanding that language is important we must work to make sure our public services and sermons are understandable, accessible and user friendly.

Music is a way of relating to many people in various generations and we must make sure our sound is contemporary not old fashion or traditional for the sake of being “church music”.

Atmosphere is a mode of communication as is the building, decoration, presentation, technology and the life and demeanour of the people – we value any activity that helps us build an appropriate atmosphere to reach our generation for Christ.

The media is the “New Market Place” of our generation and we place value in developing core strategies that will help us to have a significant presence there.


We place value on having clear vision. We believe that vision should be progressive; that it requires faith to fulfil and that the vision is forever forward.

We value the worth of good planning and preparation. Developing both strategy and implementing them hold great value to us.

We are passionate about visionary leaders with the gifts and calling of God to bring dreams into reality. We seek to support and honour such men and women of God!


We are passionate about relationships – we value relational living – we believe ministry flows from relationship – relationship with each other and with God. Friendships – We place great value upon building good friendships, in communication and seeking to understand each other – we think the church is a great place to make friendships that last for decades!

Marriages – We value marriage as an institution ordained by God and that it should be until death us do part. We value good families and will seek to develop such in and through this church.

Divine connections and friends in ministry around the world – we value our many friends around the world who have a sense of burden for us and destiny with us – we will seek to develop those long-term networks and friendships. Our relationship with God – We value a living, growing and developing relationship with God through Jesus Christ – we believe it is vital that people have a progressive revelation of who Christ is.


We place value on leadership, training, discipleship, mentoring, fathering and biblical structures that promote leadership within the church.

We honour leaders; we value the action of God in imparting gifts of leadership, to men and women around us and we will respect them, love them and hold them up in prayer.

We seek to recognise leadership and nurture biblical structures of leadership

We are committed to training new leaders and helping others find their appropriate place in the body of Christ.

We are passionate about raising up a new generation of leaders locally and in other places so as to leave a legacy of our own leadership

We will seek to be fathers in the faith.