Next Steps

Next Steps

For us, Sundays are the big day, but there are so many other things you can be a part of to help you get more connected into church life, to discover more about Jesus, and to contribute towards what we are building. What’s the next step you need to take?


ASK Course

Do you have questions about the Bible? Questions about what is means to be a Christian? Questions about Jesus and the things He did and things He said?

Then ASK is the place for you. At Proclaimers we love to hear your questions and we love to engage in conversation.  ASK is a free 3 week course that provides a safe, comfortable environment to ASK those questions you have wanted to know the answer to – or you can simply come along and listen to everyone else’s questions and answers to give you some food for thought.

Covering some of the key Christian beliefs and values, ASK is designed to be a fun, interactive and informative time for you.  Use the link below to find out our next ASK course dates.



One of the ways you will get the most out of being a part of church, and get the most out of your relationship with God, is by being a part of one of our amazing teams of volunteers. We believe that everyone has something to contribute to building church and reaching people – you just need to jump in and have a go!

You can be a part of welcoming people on Sundays, helping in our youth and children’s work, serving the community via Love Norwich, playing in the band, setting up the venue on a Sunday morning, making the Sunday production happen – there really is a role for everyone and a role for you.

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 Production (AV, Lights etc) Home team (Set up, Pack down) Hosting and Catering Singers and Musicians Graphics and Video Photograhy Kids Youth Love Norwich


Connect Group

As Sunday’s get bigger our mid-week small groups we call ‘connect groups’ become increasingly important as a place for people to meet, eat and pray together, apply God’s word to your life, and build authentic relationships. Meeting together in homes fortnightly across the city, connect groups are friendly, welcoming environments where you can learn more about Jesus, grow in your faith, find encouragement and support and make great friends.

There’s always food, there’s always fun, there are lots of friends to make – use the link below to find out about a connect group near you.


Evening College

If you have ever wanted to learn more about your faith and how to apply it to you everyday life, learn how to study the Bible better for yourself, explore some theology, or develop into a more effective leader, then our Evening College is definitely something you should consider.

Accredited and certificated by Hillsong International Leadership College the course is taught by our Proclaimers team looking at 4 different topics, each module being over 7 weeks of 2.5 hours teaching. Module options include:

Bible: Jesus, The Bible and You
Leadership: The Church & Your Leadership Journey
Lifestyle: Following Jesus
Theology: Faith Foundations

It’s a great way you can take some time out and invest in your personal growth. Use the link below to find out more about the course and the next terms dates.



If you have never been baptised as an adult before than this is something we would highly recommend you consider. You don’t need to be a Christian for years and have all the answers, or feel ‘good enough’ in order to get baptised! In the Bible Christians are clearly encouraged that they should not only believe, but also be baptised (Matthew 8; Acts 8:13). It’s an opportunity to celebrate all the God has done in your life, and to make a public declaration that you have decided to be a follower of Jesus. Even if you were baptised/christened as a child we would encourage you to consider baptism as your adult decision to live as a Christian.

Our baptism nights are fun and exciting nights with a party atmosphere! So even if you are a ‘newer’ follower of Jesus, or maybe you have been following for some years but have never got round to being baptised, you can use this link to find out more.