Jack’s Story


Name: Jack
Team: Production

I’ve always been a bit of an average person. In school, I got a couple of great grades, a couple of not-so-great ones, one dropout and the rest somewhere in between. Before moving to Norwich I had a job working on a customer service desk. It wasn’t a bad job, but somehow I knew I had more potential locked away somewhere, I just had to find the key. When I moved to Norwich for university, I started serving on a team in Proclaimers and decided to give it the best I could. My life instantly gained purpose. My capacity seemed to quadruple, and not just in church. My grades at university were consistently better than what I had ever been used to. A friend on the team I was serving on introduced me to a decent job where they were willing to let me work part time around my studies. I was studying hard, working hard, and serving hard. I still had time to spend with my friends. I started trying out new things at Church and took on more responsibility. I was pushing myself out of my comfort zone and having to learn everything from people skills to technical skills. And the thing is, the skills I have learnt haven’t stayed at Church. They have spilled over into my social life, my career, my family life and every other area of life. The people closest to me know that I’m a very different person now, and for the better. Since serving in a team at Proclaimers, I have been compelled to succeed. Not for any kind of self gratification but because that’s what God wants for me. I know that now – God doesn’t want us to fail – He wants us to succeed and it’s our responsibility to give it our best. I certainly still have a long way to go and room to grow, but I wouldn’t have come this far without the teams I have served on. I know I’ll never stop serving in the house of God because I can’t do life to the same extent without it.

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