Fran’s Story


Name: Fran
Profession: Geography Teacher
Team: Ipswich Campus Pastor and Welcome Team

I have served on the welcome team for the 7 years that I have been at proclaimers. I can honestly say that it has been nothing short of a privilege. I have learnt to so much and it has given me so much.

I walked through the doors all those years ago as someone apprehensive, scared and overwhelmed. The host on the day instantly made me feel welcome. Like I belonged. Like walking into a room of strangers was like walking into a room of new acquaintances. It is a privilege to be that first port of call for someone. Nothing could be more important.

When I arrived in church 7 years ago I was shy and felt like I had little to offer. The welcome team taught me how my personality could be a blessing to others and that my unique traits and interests could be something that others could connect to. It taught me how to have confidence and more importantly the ability to put my weaknesses, stress and the distractions of the week aside to focus on something so much bigger than myself . By doing this I realised that this was truly the best solution to my own issues.
I couldn’t recommend it more.

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