Esther’s Story


Name: Esther
Team: Fearless Leader (Under 18’s)

“There is no place I would rather be on a Sunday than in the house of God, specifically at Proclaimers, a place that I call home.”

Serving in church is one of the main reasons that I proudly call Proclaimers my home after having moved to Norwich to study at UEA. I love that the culture we have or servanthood, its so essential to church life and it’s the heart and soul of the volunteers that enables Sunday’s to happen week in week out. When I first joined church I began serving on the welcome team 2 weeks after my first Sunday! It was really daunting at first and I thought to myself why I should join the welcome team when I don’t really know anyone yet but looking back I wholeheartedly believe that it was a great way for me to meet people, get settled in and understand the heart of Proclaimers.

I believe serving on the welcome team really helped my self confidence in all aspects of life, at church I feel comfortable talking to new people, at university I’m more confident when making speeches and when talking to new patients on placement. I have personally grown so much since being at Proclaimers and that is as a result of me serving on team. In my first year I was known as a ‘one service wonder’, I was around but I hadn’t yet grasped the passion for the local church. I hadn’t realised that there was something big happening that I could be a part of, that there was a need for me to be all in for Jesus and there was a way for me to make my mark in Norwich. Now I serve on 5 different teams and it’s the best feeling. I know and believe that I have been created on purpose for a purpose, that I am here for such a time as this, I believe in the power of the church and because of that my response is to serve with all my heart.

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