Here at Proclaimers, we place a high value on relationships. We believe that church is not primarily an organisation or an event, but a community.

Our hope is that every individual that walks through our doors would find somewhere they can call home.

We hope that Proclaimers is a place you can belong, regardless of what you believe; and a community where you can make friends whatever your stage of life. To help facilitate the kind of connections that lead to community, we have a few opportunities to get to know each other:

Interest Groups

Interest Groups provide an opportunity to gather around a common interest. They’re a great way to get to know people while doing something you love or are passionate about.

In many cases, they may also be a great place to invite friends who may not yet be sure about coming along to a Sunday service.

At present, our interest groups include football and running, with a group for entrepreneurs too.

Dinner Parties

As the name might suggest, these are smaller groups of people, getting together every fortnight or so in each other’s homes to eat together.

They are a fantastic environment in which to build friendships; and also provide a warm, welcoming environment into which you can invite the people in your world.

There is no set discussion – just a friendly space in which to talk, eat and pray together.

Social Gatherings

There are gatherings of people at a similar stage of life, occurring less frequently perhaps than Dinner Parties but on a larger scale.

They’re a chance to do something fun together – and another forum in which to get to know others, to make friends and to which you can invite the people in your world.

Events vary from one demographic community to another, but there’s always something enjoyable just around the corner.


As noted, we hope to provide environments where people at a similar stage of life can get together – simply because experience tells us this helps provide more opportunities to build great friendships.

As such, our Dinner Parties and Social Gatherings come together around the following demographics:

Fearless - 11 - 17 yr olds
ONE - 18 to late 20s
Prime - late 20s & 30s
Families - those with young or school age children
Inspire - 40 and above