Esther’s Story

Name: Esther Team: Fearless Leader (Under 18's) "There is no place I would rather be on a Sunday than in the house of God, specifically at Proclaimers, a place that I call home." Serving in church is one of the main reasons that I proudly call Proclaimers my home after having moved to Norwich to study [...] Continue Reading

Jack’s Story

Name: Jack Team: Production I've always been a bit of an average person. In school, I got a couple of great grades, a couple of not-so-great ones, one dropout and the rest somewhere in between. Before moving to Norwich I had a job working on a customer service desk. It wasn't a bad job, but somehow I knew I had [...] Continue Reading

Fran’s Story

Name: Fran Profession: Geography Teacher Team: Ipswich Campus Pastor and Welcome Team I have served on the welcome team for the 7 years that I have been at proclaimers. I can honestly say that it has been nothing short of a privilege. I have learnt to so much and it has given me so much. [...] Continue Reading

Stephie’s Story

Name: Stephie Team: Production Team Leader I started serving on the second Sunday I attended church. I hadn't even made a decision yet but I just wanted to be part of what was going on. I think it's the energy, the passion and the enthusiasm of everyone on team that made me want to be a part of [...] Continue Reading

Heart for the House 2015

Having a heart for the house is so much more than the amount you bring as your contribution to our annual miracle offering. Every week, I am blown away by the passion, dedication and commitment of the people that call Proclaimers home. Every month I am encouraged as I write our monthly email to volunteers […]

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Refugees Church Response: How you can help…

Refugees Church Response Over the last few days, the reality of the humanitarian disaster that is engulfing the world was brought onto our televisions and mobile devices. Heartbreaking images of children and families including the image of three-year-old Aylan Kurdi, washed up on the beach along with his five-year-old brother Galip and their mother, Rehan, […]

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Happy Clappy?

Happy by Pharrell Williams. The best selling song of 2014 in the UK and in the USA. The most downloaded song of all time in the UK. A song that has been in the UK Top 75 chart for 70 consecutive weeks. Take Me To Church was a successful song. But Happy takes successful to [...] Continue Reading

Take Me To Church

Take Me To Church. That’s the title of one of the biggest songs of 2014 – a Grammy-award nominated song; that reached Number 2 in the charts in both the UK and USA; and was played on Spotify more times in 2014 than any other song. It is a song that, on first listen, doesn’t [...] Continue Reading