Our Culture

Our Culture

Every organisation has a culture – a way of doing things – an ethos, atmosphere and spirit.

What is it that makes one church (or organisation) different from another?

Our understanding is it’s the culture of the church – the DNA – it’s what produces “flavour” in churches.

Culture can either be driven by design or can happen by default.

The culture of our church is no accident – it flows from our passion for God and His Kingdom. It is our desire to intentionally and deliberately create a culture that reflects the Kingdom of God; and our culture is formed around five key points chosen to reflect this.

Motivated by the Cause of Christ

The matrix placed over every activity in the life of our church. We are people driven by purpose, engaging in activities designed on purpose; our attitude and approach moulded and refined by purpose.

We desire to be a church so motivated by the cause that we see everything in our church from the perspective of that cause. Jesus said He came to “seek and save that which was lost.” He was committed to this cause; and so are we.

We believe we are in the kingdom “for such a time as this.”


A sincere and humble desire to serve the purpose of God: to serve God; to serve in the house and to serve the vision of the house; to be true servants of God with a willingness to work whole-heartedly. We support a “whatever it takes” spirit and whatever our hand finds to do, we’ll do it with all our might.


Generosity is not an amount but a lifestyle. Generosity is expansive, large and contagious.

We are building people who prosper with a clear sense of the purpose of God. We believe the world of the generous grows larger and larger – and that our generosity has the capacity to transform people, cities and nations. Generosity is about so much more than money – we seek to be generous with our time, our words, our encouragement and our abilities.

Learning to Flow Together

You could call it submission to one another; this aspect is all about learning to work together rhythmically and easily.

We value relationships and believe that everything in our church flows from relationship. Submission is flowing together in awe of God, working well with others and making a conscious effort to get on with those in our world.

We believe thatnone of us is as smart or strong as all of us; and are prepared to set aside our own opinions or preference to build a dynamic team that is so strong, cohesive and determined that nothing will pull it down or hold us back.

The Pursuit of Excellence

God is excellent in everything He does and, in order to represent Him well to the world, we seek to pursue excellence in all we do. Excellence is not a fixed point, but is perhaps best defined as doing the best we can with what we have. This applies whatever our circumstances, situation, resources or experience.

We recognise that this is a journey, not a destination – we pursue excellence, not perfection – and seek to make positive forward progress in all we do.

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